Pastor Shahram Hadian

Christian pastor and former Muslim, Shahram Hadian travels around the nation speaking on critical issues facing us as Americans. The simple mission of The TIL Project is to courageously speak the “truth in love” on issues such as…

  • The true goal of Islam and threat of Shari’ah Law in America
  • Exposing the lie of Chrislam (false claim that Christianity and Islam have a common god and a common word)
  • Restoring our Constitutional Republic
  • Revival and restoration
  • The need for courageous leadership in the pulpit and in our churches
  • Restoring the 10 Commandments in our nation
  • Sanctity of life and marriage
  • Protecting our Constitution and the rule of law from application of foreign law

Protecting our 2nd Amendment

  • National security
  • Standing with the nation of Israel

Protecting our 2nd Amendment

  • National security
  • Standing with the nation of Israel

Two things have become abundantly clear to Hadian – people are tired of political correctness, and people are ready to hear the truth. This reality demonstrates the need for courageous leaders in all spheres of our society, particularly within our government, who are willing to speak the truth and stand for our foundational principles.


Shahram was born in Iran in 1971. His father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, and his mom was an elementary school teacher.

At the time, Iran was a growing, modern democracy that enjoyed relative freedom. In the weeks leading up to the winter of 1978, there was a stirring movement towards Islam within the country, and many people were under the dangerous illusion that Islam would usher in an era of peace.

Shahram’s parents had a sense of urgency to leave the country as
soon as possible and in December of 1978, with nothing but their
suitcases, moved to America to seek freedom. Only a few weeks later, the government of the Shah of Iran was overthrown and an oppressive Islamic regime took over, eradicating the freedoms that Iranians had previously enjoyed.

“I witnessed my birth country lose its freedoms, and now I’ve come to America and this is my home, and I’m seeing America lose her freedoms. I cannot be silent and do nothing. It is time that we stand for the truth and founding principles that have made the United States a beacon of light to the world.”


Shahram lived in the U.S. until 1982, when his family moved to Canada. After spending his childhood there, (where his parents lived and owned several small businesses), Shahram waited over eight years to legally get his green card before moving back to the United States. He then waited another eight years to become a proud U.S. Citizen.

“I am all for legal immigration, but after waiting over 16 years to become a proud U.S. Citizen, I am deeply concerned with the impact of illegal immigration and lawlessness in this country.”


Shahram experienced a transformational life change in 1999 when he committed his life to Jesus Christ.

When he became a Christian, he immediately faced persecution and disapproval from his family and culture. According to the teachings of Islam, his conversion means that he is an “apostate” and deserves to be killed.

In spite of this opposition, Shahram persevered, enrolled in Bible College, and has been a Christian pastor since 2003. He graduated from Puget Sound Christian College with a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry.


Shahram met his wife Michelle at their church in Edmonds, WA in 2000. Michelle had just returned home after graduating from Western Washington University with a degree in Child Development and her Washington State teaching certificate. They quickly became best friends, fell deeply in love, and in December of 2001 were married. They now live in Spokane, Washington with their 4 children.

Michelle taught second grade in the Mukilteo, WA school district for five years and currently continues to express her love for children by being an incredible stay at home mom and homeschooling their children.

“All of our marriage, Shahram and I have been best friends and a strong team. Our faith in Christ has been the cornerstone of our marriage and guides our commitment to each other, our family, and our community.” – Michelle Hadian

For more information on Pastor Hadain visit:  The Truth in Love Project: http://www.tilproject.com/

Terri McCormick Ph.DChief
Thought Leader


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McCormick Dawson has both academic and professional experience in leadership studies and its application in the fields of public policy, strategic communications, and economic development. Her use of big data analysis of ethical political behavior pivots on new constructs and measures used in her PhD Dissertation. McCormick Dawson is passionate about leadership development providing skill set and leadership tools for solving policy challenges and providing metrics of impactful results through the strategic use of knowledge, analytics, and leadership development. Dr. McCormick Dawson’s public policy experience as a professional has won numerous state and national awards: including the Eisenberg Award from the Wisconsin Public Defender’s Office; the Scales of Justice Award from the Wisconsin State Bar; Best Business Practice Award from the Small Business Administration in Washington DC; as well as numerous other recognition for her pioneering work in the state’s first competitive prescription drug purchasing pool.

  • US DELEGATE TO THE INTERNATIONAL PEACE INSTITUTEMcCormick Dawson was the US Delegate to the International Peace Institute at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. She is a graduate of the 2002 Bowhay Institute in Legislative Leadership Development from the Lafollette Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin.
  • MASTER’S DEGREE IN ADMINISTRATIVE LEADERSHIPTerri McCormick Dawson holds a Bachelor’s Degree, magna cum laude, Political Science and European Studies, from the University of Wisconsin, as well as a Master’s Degree in Administrative Leadership, highest honors, from Marian University. Additionally she holds credentials from Lawrence University, and has conducted graduate work at the University of Windsor in Political Theory.
  • DOCTORATE OF PHILOSOPHY IN LEADERSHIP STUDIESMcCormick Dawson completed her Doctorate of Philosophy in Leadership Studies in May of 2015 with a specialization in public policy and communications. She currently is heading up a consortium to found the nation’s first Center for the Study of Political Leadership. She continues to consult with private firms, non-profits, NGOs, and government agencies in the area of public policy leadership and strategic communications.